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Haul: Baby's Products!

Heloo, my pregnancy already hit the last trisemester, and I already waiting for the baby to come in few days *how time flies... I still remember how excited I was last year when the first time I found out that I was pregnant. Then in just few days, my life will change forever because I will have the baby in my hand. I'm very very excited and can't wait to hug and kiss my baby*

So, Today I will share a little haul that I prepare for my baby. I didn't bought much because I prefer to see the result on my baby first. Some babies can be allergic with a brand and because this is my first child, I think I will get presents from friends *usually toiletries kit* hahahaha..

Mise En Scene Perfect Repair Hair Serum

Hello ladies, Today I will talk about hair serum. I have 2 different type hair serum from Mise En Scene. It is a korean brand. I've tried their shampoo before and really love the result. It has a nice scent and also makes my hair smooth and soft. This time I try their famous hair serum.
The first one is Perfect Repair. I bought it around november/december last year and still have it until now hahaha this the prove that I'm very lazy when it comes to take care of my hair. 

Haul: Althea Raya Box *Unboxing + First Impression*

Hai Ladies...I'm back with another Althea Post! yay~~ Everytime I mentioned about Althea, It's always a happy news hehehe. This time I will share about my Raya Box! I've already posted about this event last month and now I will share about my haul during that event.

They have special thematic box called Raya Box which is Green color *suits with the Raya Theme*. I received my box a little bit late due to the long holiday in Indonesia. But, I'm still excited as always whenever I open the box from Althea.

Peripera x Powerpuff Girls Ink Lasting Pink Cushion

Hello, I'm back with new BB Cushion review. I have new BB Cushion from Peripera. It is under the series of powerpuff girls *my childhood hero* so every packagings are decorated with the girls. My BB Cushion called Ink Lasting Pink Cushion

Review: Biore Pore Pack

Hai hai.. ada punya masalah komedo? Jujur aku termasuk yang bermasalah dengan yang namanya komedo terutama di T-zone. Aku punya tipe kulit berminyak yang gampang banget jerawatan dan komedoan. Biasanya untuk mengatasi komedo, aku melakukan facial di klinik kecantikan. Tetapi kalau facial kadang suka kebentur sama waktu *sok sibuk* dan ngebayangin rasa sakit kalau lagi di ekstraksi komedo langsung bikin males hahaha..

Untuk mengatasi masalah komedoku secara gampang, aku bergantung sama produk ini: Biore Pore Pack. Pore pack selain gampang digunakan juga lebih praktis karena kita bisa pakai sendiri di rumah *tidak perlu bantuan profesional* dan harganya relatif terjangkau.