Thursday, July 27, 2017

Haul: Baby's Products!

Heloo, my pregnancy already hit the last trisemester, and I already waiting for the baby to come in few days *how time flies... I still remember how excited I was last year when the first time I found out that I was pregnant. Then in just few days, my life will change forever because I will have the baby in my hand. I'm very very excited and can't wait to hug and kiss my baby*

So, Today I will share a little haul that I prepare for my baby. I didn't bought much because I prefer to see the result on my baby first. Some babies can be allergic with a brand and because this is my first child, I think I will get presents from friends *usually toiletries kit* hahahaha..

The first one that I bought is Cetaphil Baby Gentle Wash & Shampoo
I prefer to buy 2 in 1 product because it will be easier to bath a newborn with little product. Rather than having many products. This product can be use for wash the body and also works as a shampoo. Why I choose Cetaphil? I read a lot of good review about this product and when I get the product on my hand, I completely fell in love with the scent. Plus the price is quite affordable for a popular brand.

Pigeon Baby Lotion
Actually I didn't bought this. I bought the milk bottle and got this as a free item. I don't do much research about this lotion, but Pigeon is quite popular brand, so I guess this product is worth to try. The scent is quite fragrant, typical of baby's talc scent.

Sebamed Protective Facial Cream
I read it somewhere that Baby's skin especially face area is very very thin. And even a little milk can make the skin become dry. So I search online and saw this product *and also many review from mommies outside there* It has a creamy texture and light scent. And it also quite moisturising *I tried it already on my skin hahaha*

Konicare Minyak Telon Plus
I don't know about the foreigners, but in Asia especially Indonesia, having this product is a must for a mommy. I choose Konicare because it can works as a mosquito repellent too *yay nother 2 in 1 product*

Nuvo Anti Bacterial Hand Sanitizer
I prepared this for the visitors, because the most important things for a baby is cleanliness. I've learned about this from my friend. She used to prepare hand sanitizer and ask everyone that visited her baby to use it before see the baby. Well, you can say I'm quite paranoid but I think it's very important to create a healthy enviroment for my baby.

Mitu Baby Wipes
Stock some wipes *though my mom said don't used it too often for baby's skin* because I think it is the most convenience and effective way to kill the germ and clean everything in short time.

This is an antiseptic cream that works for almost all baby's problem *and also adult* like diaper rash, minor burn/sunburn, mosquito bites, eczema, etc. I've tried this cream by myself and swear by it. I use it for my acne, and also use it for husband's sunburn. It works really well! I've already reccomend it to my sister and sis in law *both also having babies*

That's all my haul for now. I'm pretty sure I will add more items in near future hahaha~


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