Thursday, July 20, 2017

Mise En Scene Perfect Repair Hair Serum

Hello ladies, Today I will talk about hair serum. I have 2 different type hair serum from Mise En Scene. It is a korean brand. I've tried their shampoo before and really love the result. It has a nice scent and also makes my hair smooth and soft. This time I try their famous hair serum.

The first one is Perfect Repair. I bought it around november/december last year and still have it until now hahaha this the prove that I'm very lazy when it comes to take care of my hair. 

The packaging is made from plastic, the size is just perfect. Not too big and not too small. The pump is easy to use and the cap sealed tightly (not loose). The texture of the serum is thick and has a nice flower scent. It tooks time to completely absorb but It doesn't makes my hair become greasy. I usually pump 2-3 times then rub it on my half wet *avoid scalp*

It really helps to tame my lion hair, makes my hair smells good and also makes my dry hair looks more healthy.

The second one is Perfect Repair Light. Basically it is the same with the first one. Only the bottle have different color. But the texture is more liquid. While usually I use the perfect repair one for half wet hair, I prefer the lighter one for dry hair. Because it absorb more quickly and less greasy on my hand than the regular one.

Overall both serum works the same for me. The quality is good only the texture is different. I personally love the lighter one~

Have you tried something from this brand?

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