Friday, July 7, 2017

Peripera x Powerpuff Girls Ink Lasting Pink Cushion

Hello, I'm back with new BB Cushion review. I have new BB Cushion from Peripera. It is under the series of powerpuff girls *my childhood hero* so every packagings are decorated with the girls. My BB Cushion called Ink Lasting Pink Cushion

Packaging: Starting from the box, BB Cushion case and even the air puff are full with blossom *one of the character*. For those who like to collect something cute, make sure you buy this edition, because it is seriously cute in real life hehehe. Packaging is like the usual BB Cushion packaging.

Shade: Pink Ivory

Texture: The texture of the BB Cream is quite creamy, has a nice cooling sensation. When I applied it on my face I can feel something cool on my skin *not really long lasting, though*. It has medium coverage, and since I don't have problem with acnes *for now* I don't need to apply more concealer. It makes my face flawless and smooth.

Since the texture is quite thick, I always use a little amount of this BB Cushion, because it will looks cakey on my face if I put too much. It also provides a nice dewy finish. But, since I have oily skin type I always finish it with face powder. Oil control is very low, need a good face powder and setting mist if you want your make up stay still after hours. For people with dry skin type, I guess you will love this BB Cushion.

Overall: This is an "Okay" BB Cushion for me. I love to use it when I hang out with my friends but for special occasion, like party I prefer to choose another BB cushion that suits with my skin type.

Have you tried this BB Cushion?

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